Top Tips On How To Save On Your Energy Bills

With daily costs rising, it’s not surprising that so many of us are looking to find ways to cut costs around the house. So, the Telegraph this week have put together the top ten ways to try and save money on your energy bills.

1. Check your thermostat is at the right temperature. Even reducing it by 1C could shave off 10% on your bills. Also, make use of timers to only come on when you need them.

2. Check your water isn’t too hot. Your cylinder thermostat should be 60c/140f.

3. Make sure your curtains are closed to stop heat escaping. Also make sure any draughts are blocked off.

energy bills

4. Don’t leave any lights on when you leave a room

5. Take appliances off of standby and don’t leave things charging unnecessarily

6. Try to always fill up your machines (washing, tumble dryer or dishwasher) to save energy

7. Don’t boil more water than you need! Keep this in mind especially if you are metered.

8. Ensure you haven’t got any leaks, such as taps or pipes, as this could end up costing you lots of money.

9. Make the change to energy saving lightbulbs. These can last 10 times longer than normal, which is great to make savings.

10. Get a home energy check. By answering a few questions, you could get an impartial report, which could show you how you could save hundreds of pounds a year.