The Advantages of Solar Panels

Solar panels are something which more and more people are considering getting. There are two ways of getting them and it is important to think hard about which to go for. You can either pay for the panels yourself and then make that big investment, waiting for the money to come back by way of savings in your electricity bill as well as the feed in tariff you get back. The alternative is to allow a company to install them and they will pay for them but you will only save the electricity and not benefit from the feed in tariff.

If you can afford to make the investment, then this is well worth the consideration. It can be worth getting a few quotations and looking at how much return you are likely to get on your investment. Despite the drop in feed in tariff, it is likely that you will still get a decent return on your money. However, finding the lump sum to do it, can be difficult for some people.

Using a company to do it for you can cut out some of the hassle, they will pay the lump sum and organise the fitting. However, it does mean that you will not benefit form the feed in tariff. However, the electricity savings will still add up as they can reduce bills by a third. You may also find that you become much more aware of how much you are using and cut your usage and so save even more.

When deciding which to go for, it is important to decide which will be best for you now and I the future. Consider what might happen if you want to sell your house, for example or if you manage to have enough money to invest yourself in panel would regret going with the other scheme.

Of course, it is not worth all houses getting solar panels, it depends on which way they are facing, so this may mean that you will not be able to get them anyway. However, if you have a large garden you may be able to put an array on the ground, so look in to all options before you decide against it.