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Moog Springs

Springs are a part of the car’s suspension and they are part of the reason you get a smoother ride. There are four designs of springs in the current market. The first type is a coil spring which is very common. A coil spring is really a very strong bar that is coiled on the car’s axis. Its job is to expand or to constrict your wheel movement. A leaf spring is the second type of spring that can be used in an engine.

It has different layers made of metal which are tied together, to act as one. They are used in trucks and or those huge vehicles like pick-up trucks with four-wheel drive. Your smooth ride depends on how loose or tight your springs are. Luxury cars are slackly sprung, you barely feel bumps in such cars, like a Lincoln town car, the downside of this is the swaying body when you make sharp corners. Cars with tight springs are definitely like sports cars. You feel the bumps but you can drive that car as hard as you like, without thinking it will roll over the rail in a curve. It’s always good to have your springs adjusted constantly.

Moog Coil Springs

Moog Constant Rate Springs are designed to match any original equipment springs. They will return your vehicle to the right height and stop your body from swaying. They’ve been treated using controlled heat this is to make sure they don’t sag, and spring back back automatically. They are coated with enamel to protect them from rusting and to increase how long they serve you.

Moog Coil Springs are fitted with a Premium Urethane cover that is meant to protect the spring from the friction of metal against metal. Moog Variable Rate Springs are used for trucks and pick-ups, cars that haul huge things. They compress and adjust to the weight of your load, Moog has reinforced them with vinyl coating to protect them from rust and increase their life.

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