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Why Eco Logs are the Best Choice in Renewable Biofuel

With the winter months rapidly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about fuel needs for the home once again.

A growing number of people are looking at genuine alternatives to simply running the household’s central heating system for several hours at a time as the cost to the domestic budget can be astronomical.

And these days we’re trying to be greener, so it makes sense to use renewable, sustainable energy sources. Eco Logs are available in various quantities, and they combine superb performance, easy storage and excellent value for money. They’re also extremely pleasing on the eye compared to other types of renewable biofuels.

Eco Logs

Eco Logs Look Good in the Home

Eco Logs actually look attractive, with their burnished outer skin they appear like real logs rather than something unnatural. A stack of them on the hearth gives a warm glow to anyone who sees it and is nothing less than aesthetically pleasing. Because of their straight lines and uncomplicated shape, they are very easy to store. Eco logs stack up easily on top of one another, thereby ensuring you can keep a generous quantity of them in a reasonably small space. It also means when you order large amounts, you’ll be buying a product that uses less packaging.

Eco Logs are the ultimate in green energy

It’s so important to use renewable biofuels these days, and hardwood Eco Logs are as green as they come. They’re made from 90% hardwood, which burns extremely efficiently. An addition of softwood waste makes them even more environmentally friendly, so you can be sure you’re doing your bit for the planet every time you heat your home.

With some compressed biofuel logs, you’ll find there are additives included which can affect their burning performance. But with Eco Logs, as well as many other items such as fuel pellets, there is no glue or any other substances included. The energy logs themselves simply contain pure, natural wood.

Renewable, sustainable energy for less money

Many people have found to their cost that some compressed logs and briquettes on the market are anything but good value. They seem to burn and fizzle out in no time at all, so the apparent bargain is in fact a relative waste of money. With Eco Logs, however, you’ll be amazed at the value and efficiency.

They will last between two and three times longer than traditional logs, so you’ll be using less over the course of a month.

Eco Logs also burn at a higher temperature, keeping your home, and your family, warm and snug throughout the winter, no matter how cold it gets outside. In the house, renewable energy has never been so efficient.