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Being green and Saving money

There are quite a few people that still think that helping the environment can be really expensive. There are some things which will cost you more money, but there are other things that you can do, which will actually save you money.

Changing all of your light bulbs to energy saving ones could save you a lot of money. The bulbs are not normally any dearer than standard bulbs and they will not only last longer but actually use less electricity when they are on. As your bulbs go, if your replace them with energy saving ones, you will save money. Also if you replace light fittings, make sure that they can take energy saving bulbs.

Using less fuel will help you save money and the environment. Whether you are using less petrol for your car or less electricity and gas for your house. Driving less not only saves money on fuel but also on wear and tear on the car and you can cancel the gym membership if you are getting your exercise through walking. It can be worth considering the fuel efficiency when choosing a new car as well. Full electric cars are becoming more popular and they are very expensive, but they will come down in price and there are efficient second hand cars on the market as well as hybrids which could be worth considering as well. Obviously you will need to calculate whether you will save money overall considering the cost of the car compared to others as well as the savings on fuel and tax that could be made.

In the home, we can make some simple savings which will help the environment as well. By turning down the heating by one degree we can instantly save money. We can also save by turning off lights and appliances when we are not using them and by drying washing outside instead of using the tumble dryer. We can also invest a little money to make savings in the future by improving our insulation and by making sure our water tank is lagged. There are even grants to help cover the cost of this sort of thing.

A few simple changes can make a big difference to the environment and save you a lot of money.