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Insight, Civic and Accord: Fine Honda Hybrid Cars

Honda, through its alternative fuel and hybrid vehicles, will continue to make mass-market models and Honda hybrid cars that will have a contribution to clean air and fuel efficiency. It has introduced a whole new generation of gasoline engines that are at surprisingly low emission levels without sacrificing road performance. In the quest for fuel efficiency, Honda also developed gas-electric Honda hybrid cars that are ultra-efficient.

Honda continues to make vast improvements in efficiency and cleanliness. It is focused on perfecting the Honda hybrid cars technology for mass availability. It relies on electricity as a clean and efficient source, for example. That is why the Honda hybrid car’s technology allows for two power sources, so that the 2 sources complement and strengthen each other, compensating and driving each other further.

Accord Hybrid

Honda continues to lead in the development of hybrid technology as it centers its sights on Honda’s innovative integrated motor assist system or the IMA System. The IMA combines a compact 1 liter, 3-cylinder VTEC engine with an electric motor to achieve superb efficiency.

Energy during braking is captured and stored as regenerated electricity. This captured energy is released when the car begins to accelerate so that fuel consumption is reduced. The VTEC gasoline engines allow fuel charge to burn more efficiently and more completely for cleaner emissions.

Among the line of best Honda hybrid cars are the Accord Hybrid, Insight, and the Civic Hybrid. The Accord Hybrid boasts of the same quality and dependability as the regular lineup, but with the added power without the gas consumption. The Honda Insight was the first gasoline-electric hybrid. Then there’s the Civic Hybrid which became the first mainstream hybrid vehicle. All in all, Honda made good in its promise to bring hybrid technology to new heights.