SLW Automotive Oil Pumps

An oil pump does the job of sucking up engine oil from the oil pan sending it with serious pressure to the engine’s bearings, those fast moving pistons and the very hot and grinding camshaft. This is done in order to grease the engine because without oil, you’d have a very painful grinding machine that would turn into a hot mess and blow up. The oil pump is a small part that does an incredibly vital job. Greasing your bearings to make them smooth, and cooling your engine because it runs hot. Oil pumps depend on your engine design; it is usually deep in the oil collecting in the oil pan.

They depend on your engine and how it is build to perform, so your oil pump is built to exact specifics. If you have noise in your hydraulic lifters, it means oil has been cut off, and they are not greased as they should be. Or if your engine is running hotter than usual, and the amount of oil you see on the parts that use friction looks lean. This is a sign that your oil pump is not working properly. Fixing your oil pump is important because you can incur severe damage from lack of oil in your engine.

Automotive Oil Pumps

SLW Automotive have capitalized on designing and selling oil pumps. They work to give you a product that will increase effectiveness in your vehicle. Their oil pumps have a two-chamber control structure. This design works to increase accuracy. It makes the oil pump stable and keeping a steady pressure that reliably sends oil into the engine. Their oil pumps make it easier for your hydraulics to work easier, decreasing the workload, and therefore you have better fuel efficiency. They have different types of oil pumps that you can choose depending on your own vehicle’s engine requirements.

Oil pumps are critically important, replace them in a timely manner.