How To Make Money From Your Greenhouse

Many people find themselves extremely successful at growing fruit and vegetables in their greenhouse. If you are able to consistently grow more than you can consume or give away to your family, then you can make some extra money, which is always welcome by selling your greenhouse vegetables and fruit.

You might choose to use your greenhouse to grow vegetables that are usually unavailable at certain times of the year. You will be to sell those vegetables at a local farmer’s market or direct to a select number of customers, who might also be your neighbours.

What should you sell?

The key to selling home-grown vegetables is to know what your market requires. You need to go through the same process that the superstores and global companies go through, when they conduct market research to find out what their customers want them to sell. Obviously your market research won’t need to be quite so substantial, but it will involve you asking your neighbours what they would like you to grow in your greenhouse and perhaps asking your local farmers markets, about which items you should be selling at different times of the year.

If you’re selling home-grown vegetables, you need to consider how much it costs you to move your finished produce to the different outlets that will be buying from you. You will need to add the cost of this travel to your costs for growing vegetables to find out how much you will need to charge after you have added a suitably sized profit.

If you’re only going to sell to a few streets around where you live, your transport costs might only be a new pair of shoes once a year. However, if people are going to visit you at your home, you need to consider the implications of having strangers turn up at your front door at different times of the day or perhaps walking straight down your garden to your greenhouse?

Quality counts

If you’re going to be selling greenhouse vegetables, you’ll have to make a decision about the perceived quality of your goods. You will have seen how your local superstores only sell carrots that are straight and/or of a particular size. You will be losing profits if you turn away the carrots that decided to add a bend and various different shapes and sizes. For you to be able to compete in the market for selling home-grown vegetables, you need to teach your customers to accept a different standard from superstores, and explain how your completely natural products cost less than your competition and, of course, taste better.

When you check your greenhouse vegetable growing operation expenses, you must include any money you spent on maintaining the greenhouse. This might include heating and lighting and the operation of fans, but it might also include replacement panels and making sure that your greenhouse is fully treated against the bugs and weather.

Particularly during a recession, some people are looking to make extra money by selling greenhouse vegetables, whilst other people are looking to save money by paying less for their greenhouse vegetables. If you can provide the link between the two, you could be looking at the successful operation.

You can always add a sideline by growing plants to further enhance your family income. How about growing pineapples during the winter?