How to Grow in a Greenhouse on a Budget

Growing in a greenhouse is a great way of saving money and is also a great way to ensure you know what your family is eating all year round. Many people worry about the cost of greenhouse growing; by choosing the right type of greenhouse and choosing the right accessories you can then grow on a budget! This article will go through a few simple ways you can save money and grow on a budget.

Traditionally greenhouses are made from timber and glass. The timber forms a frame and the glass forms a glazing. The glass glazing helps insulate the building and also helps create a warmer atmosphere inside the greenhouse making it easier for plants to grow.

Polycarbonate Greenhouses

There are now more materials used to glaze greenhouse, they are efficient and are less expensive than glass. Polycarbonate is one of the best materials for a greenhouse. Polycarbonate is a plastic material; this plastic material has a semi-transparent look and is thick. Polycarbonate features small grooves which run up and down its surface. These grooves help trap air; this helps the polycarbonate trap more heat into the greenhouse than traditional glass.

greenhouse on a budget

Polycarbonate is also very strong; it will not break like glass making it a much safer option if your garden is used by children or pets. Polycarbonate also helps protect plants against harmful UV rays.

Once you have an efficient greenhouse like a polycarbonate greenhouse you can then start growing. Growing in the summer months is easy thanks to the efficiency of the polycarbonate glazing but you will need to give your greenhouse help to grow through the winter months.

Growing In Your Greenhouse

You can start growing in the winter by using a heater. Greenhouse heaters can cost a lot of money to run and are also not great for the environment. Avoiding using a greenhouse heater will save you a lot of time and money. If you choose to grow without a heater you will need to ensure your greenhouse is fully insulated before growing through the winter.

Firstly you will need to ensure all the large holes and gaps in your greenhouse are sealed and protected. You don’t want to completely seal the greenhouse as this will stop air from travelling into the greenhouse. Use newspaper or old rags to block up the holes on your greenhouse therefore stopping any drafts.

Adding extra insulation to your greenhouse is also very important. The best way of preventing plants from frosting or freezing is too insulate the bottom of your plant pots. You can do this with newspaper, old duvets or even bubble wrap. Simple wrap a few layers around the bottom of the plant pot.

Growing on a budget is also about reducing the cost of buying seeds or young plants. One way of doing this is to take cuttings. Cuttings are important to anyone taking growing seriously and can also save you plenty of money!

Firstly you will need to have a healthy mother plant. This mother plant will supply you with the basis of your own cuttings. You need the plant to be healthy to ensure the plants you grow from the cuttings are also healthy. Look at the plant carefully and look for the nodes. A node is a little bump which is where a new sprout of leaf growth will happen. Cut the section of plant off just a mm under the node. Then place the cutting on a board and slice diagonally through the node. This is then a cutting. Place the cutting in a soilless mixture and water often. This will then grow into a plant.

Another way of saving money is to join a seed swapping community. These communities will let you swap seeds and grow new plants without having to spend any money! Go to your local allotment or look online for information.

Growing in a greenhouse does not have to be expensive! By being clever and spending a bit of time sorting your greenhouse out you can soon be growing on a budget!