Choosing a Green car

It can be possible to make a big difference to the environment by driving a greener car. We all know that not driving at all is the best solution, but it is not always possible to avoid driving if you live out in the countryside or have a long commute to work which is not on a public transport route.

Recently there has been a lot of promotion of electric cars. These are cheaper to run and better for the environment, but although the are subsidised, they can be very expensive to buy new. If you like buying new cars and have a lot of money then this vehicle could be for you. However, if you do the maths, it will not save you money, despite the fuel being cheaper.

A hybrid car can be a better option as they can be bought second hand. They are cheaper anyway and they are still a good option for the environment. They work on the basis that the petrol engine starts off by driving as normal and then the electric battery charges when the driver brakes and so eventually the battery charges and can run off electric. It can be a good way to save fuel.

These cars can still be expensive and the older models are not so efficient with regards to the MPG as some small petrol cars. It is therefore worth doing some research in to the costs of the cars and of running them. You will have to find out what the MPG is likely to be and look into the cost of the tax as well. It can take time to work out, but be well worth it as it can help you to do your bit for the environment as well as save money.

With technology advancing all of the time, there is always going to be a better car on the market just after you select the one that you want. However, if you keep waiting, you will wait forever and so you will need to make up your mind at some point!