How to have a green holiday

A well-deserved holiday is a perfect opportunity to relax or see some new sights, but it’s equally important to keep those sights alive for your next trips out – even the smallest effort can make a big difference in how long your favourite holiday spots stay beautiful.

Stay at local-run hotels

A lot of chain-based hotels, inns or bed-and-breakfast companies give you features you won’t really need, like a pool or midday buffet, that are horribly inefficient and far from environmentally-friendly. Smaller local businesses might not give you the same luxuries, but not many people go on holiday to stay cooped up all day – you’ll always find alternatives, or other avenues of entertainment, only a few streets away.

Plus, a local hotel will usually know more about the town or city you’re in and can make it much easier to track down specific attractions without much fuss – they might even have maps or guides to give away, making them a much more convenient choice if you’re looking to explore. Continue reading…

How to Grow in a Greenhouse on a Budget

Growing in a greenhouse is a great way of saving money and is also a great way to ensure you know what your family is eating all year round. Many people worry about the cost of greenhouse growing; by choosing the right type of greenhouse and choosing the right accessories you can then grow on a budget! This article will go through a few simple ways you can save money and grow on a budget.

Traditionally greenhouses are made from timber and glass. The timber forms a frame and the glass forms a glazing. The glass glazing helps insulate the building and also helps create a warmer atmosphere inside the greenhouse making it easier for plants to grow.

Polycarbonate Greenhouses

There are now more materials used to glaze greenhouse, they are efficient and are less expensive than glass. Polycarbonate is one of the best materials for a greenhouse. Polycarbonate is a plastic material; this plastic material has a semi-transparent look and is thick. Polycarbonate features small grooves which run up and down its surface. These grooves help trap air; this helps the polycarbonate trap more heat into the greenhouse than traditional glass.

greenhouse on a budget

Polycarbonate is also very strong; it will not break like glass making it a much safer option if your garden is used by children or pets. Polycarbonate also helps protect plants against harmful UV rays.

Once you have an efficient greenhouse like a polycarbonate greenhouse you can then start growing. Growing in the summer months is easy thanks to the efficiency of the polycarbonate glazing but you will need to give your greenhouse help to grow through the winter months.

Growing In Your Greenhouse

You can start growing in the winter by using a heater. Greenhouse heaters can cost a lot of money to run and are also not great for the environment. Avoiding using a greenhouse heater will save you a lot of time and money. If you choose to grow without a heater you will need to ensure your greenhouse is fully insulated before growing through the winter. Continue reading…

Insight, Civic and Accord: Fine Honda Hybrid Cars

Honda, through its alternative fuel and hybrid vehicles, will continue to make mass-market models and Honda hybrid cars that will have a contribution to clean air and fuel efficiency. It has introduced a whole new generation of gasoline engines that are at surprisingly low emission levels without sacrificing road performance. In the quest for fuel efficiency, Honda also developed gas-electric Honda hybrid cars that are ultra-efficient.

Honda continues to make vast improvements in efficiency and cleanliness. It is focused on perfecting the Honda hybrid cars technology for mass availability. It relies on electricity as a clean and efficient source, for example. That is why the Honda hybrid car’s technology allows for two power sources, so that the 2 sources complement and strengthen each other, compensating and driving each other further.

Accord Hybrid

Honda continues to lead in the development of hybrid technology as it centers its sights on Honda’s innovative integrated motor assist system or the IMA System. The IMA combines a compact 1 liter, 3-cylinder VTEC engine with an electric motor to achieve superb efficiency.

Energy during braking is captured and stored as regenerated electricity. This captured energy is released when the car begins to accelerate so that fuel consumption is reduced. The VTEC gasoline engines allow fuel charge to burn more efficiently and more completely for cleaner emissions.

Among the line of best Honda hybrid cars are the Accord Hybrid, Insight, and the Civic Hybrid. The Accord Hybrid boasts of the same quality and dependability as the regular lineup, but with the added power without the gas consumption. The Honda Insight was the first gasoline-electric hybrid. Then there’s the Civic Hybrid which became the first mainstream hybrid vehicle. All in all, Honda made good in its promise to bring hybrid technology to new heights.

Top Things To Consider When You’re Planning To Buy Environmental Management Plan Templates

Extensive flashfloods. Intense climate conditions. Successive calamities. Diminishing natural resources. Energy and water crisis. Hazardous waste and overflowing dumps. Most people are beginning to be aware of that all these issues faced by developed cities today are caused by man, including the effects of climate change said to be initiated by reckless decisions of the individual and the collective. With the scope of these issues, the typical motto of reduce, reuse, recycle may not be sufficient. The solution should be considerably more consistent and centralised, and the cooperation of industries that consume most of the world’s resources, like large industrial businesses, is highly important.

With the ecological preservation vision in mind, most progressive governments today are requesting construction officials to come up with an environmental management plan for their corporation and with every project they construct. In most states, failure to adhere to environmental construction laws may result in fines, revoked licenses and court prosecution. Mainly because the payback of building construction assignments without having an earth-friendly direction can be disastrous. The nearby communities, the construction workers, the future occupants or users of the structure being developed can be put to danger without a well-drafted and integrated construction environmental management plan. Land, water, air and other natural resources are also at risk under irresponsible construction practices.

Environmental Management Plan

While the environmental plan takes longer time, effort and extensive information to draft, construction officers can simply buy environmental management plan formats from a trusted expert. There’s no explanation for failing to create a comprehensive and 100% compliant form as all they need to do is to download the template and fill the blanks with details readily available from their data files.It is best to search for a CEMP specialist or team of experts who can provide efficient and practical solutions, and every construction company can get their own CEMP for every project straight away.

If you’re a construction manager in need of environmental plan methods, the following are some of the major things to remember:

– Time element. Will the design be provided and ready to implement in the quickest time possible?

– Compliance. Are the reports up to date with the latest and relevant state and territory legislation?

– Customisation. Can it be modified to fit the current project you have existing and can be arranged with your company’s over-arching construction safety principles?

– Budget. Are the plans obtainable for a price that is manageable and feasible with your allocated project budget?

– Customer assistance. Should you have after-sales questions or clarifications, will you be able to get in touch with a customer service agent for assistance at any time?

With the strict execution of their construction environmental management plans, construction companies can do their significant part in helping today’s mission of building healthy, earth-friendly, and developed communities.

Top Tips On How To Save On Your Energy Bills

With daily costs rising, it’s not surprising that so many of us are looking to find ways to cut costs around the house. So, the Telegraph this week have put together the top ten ways to try and save money on your energy bills.

1. Check your thermostat is at the right temperature. Even reducing it by 1C could shave off 10% on your bills. Also, make use of timers to only come on when you need them.

2. Check your water isn’t too hot. Your cylinder thermostat should be 60c/140f.

3. Make sure your curtains are closed to stop heat escaping. Also make sure any draughts are blocked off.

energy bills

4. Don’t leave any lights on when you leave a room

5. Take appliances off of standby and don’t leave things charging unnecessarily

6. Try to always fill up your machines (washing, tumble dryer or dishwasher) to save energy

7. Don’t boil more water than you need! Keep this in mind especially if you are metered.

8. Ensure you haven’t got any leaks, such as taps or pipes, as this could end up costing you lots of money.

9. Make the change to energy saving lightbulbs. These can last 10 times longer than normal, which is great to make savings.

10. Get a home energy check. By answering a few questions, you could get an impartial report, which could show you how you could save hundreds of pounds a year.

Why Eco Logs are the Best Choice in Renewable Biofuel

With the winter months rapidly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about fuel needs for the home once again.

A growing number of people are looking at genuine alternatives to simply running the household’s central heating system for several hours at a time as the cost to the domestic budget can be astronomical.

And these days we’re trying to be greener, so it makes sense to use renewable, sustainable energy sources. Eco Logs are available in various quantities, and they combine superb performance, easy storage and excellent value for money. They’re also extremely pleasing on the eye compared to other types of renewable biofuels.

Eco Logs

Eco Logs Look Good in the Home

Eco Logs actually look attractive, with their burnished outer skin they appear like real logs rather than something unnatural. A stack of them on the hearth gives a warm glow to anyone who sees it and is nothing less than aesthetically pleasing. Because of their straight lines and uncomplicated shape, they are very easy to store. Eco logs stack up easily on top of one another, thereby ensuring you can keep a generous quantity of them in a reasonably small space. It also means when you order large amounts, you’ll be buying a product that uses less packaging.

Eco Logs are the ultimate in green energy

It’s so important to use renewable biofuels these days, and hardwood Eco Logs are as green as they come. They’re made from 90% hardwood, which burns extremely efficiently. An addition of softwood waste makes them even more environmentally friendly, so you can be sure you’re doing your bit for the planet every time you heat your home.

With some compressed biofuel logs, you’ll find there are additives included which can affect their burning performance. But with Eco Logs, as well as many other items such as fuel pellets, there is no glue or any other substances included. The energy logs themselves simply contain pure, natural wood.

Renewable, sustainable energy for less money

Many people have found to their cost that some compressed logs and briquettes on the market are anything but good value. They seem to burn and fizzle out in no time at all, so the apparent bargain is in fact a relative waste of money. With Eco Logs, however, you’ll be amazed at the value and efficiency.

They will last between two and three times longer than traditional logs, so you’ll be using less over the course of a month.

Eco Logs also burn at a higher temperature, keeping your home, and your family, warm and snug throughout the winter, no matter how cold it gets outside. In the house, renewable energy has never been so efficient.

Energy Efficiency Is for Everyone!

Whether you’re driven to be highly concerned about her environment or you are just looking for ways to lower your electricity bill and save some money, one thing is clear; going green and becoming more energy efficient is a good thing for everyone. Even if you’re a student and you’re struggling to get by, you’ll find that focusing on greener technologies can save you a lot of money. Doing right by the environment may not be a priority to everyone, but the truth is that we only get one world and we have to make sure that it’s being protected to the fullest. There’s no reason to feel like there’s nothing you can do to protect the planet and still take care of yourself.

The first thing that you need to do is try to go with a good solid energy audit. This is going to make absolutely sure that you know how much energy that you’re actually using. Until you figure that out, anything that you do is really just going to be a guestimate.

How do you use your energy? Do you turn the lights off when you leave a room? Have you considered switching to compact fluorescent bulbs? Are you regulating the temperature in your home with digital thermometers? These are quick fixes that can make it a lot easier to take your energy bill down.

If you live in a home, you might want to see about replacing any loose fittings or anything else that can let in outside air. This will make it harder for you to heat and cool your home, which in turn will raise your utility bills.

If you are taking a lot of baths, you will find that switching to showers is a good thing. Make sure that you get the type of showerhead that releases less water over time, thus saving you money as well.

Recycling might not save you money directly, but if you find yourself with a lot of plastic bags it can really help. Don’t think that you have to stop at these suggestions. Some people find that investing in solar power is a good thing, because they can then sell the excess energy back to the grid — it won’t always be a lot of money, but every little bit saved helps.

Are you willing to get more energy efficient? Are you willing to try? That’s what we’re all about here, and you’ll find plenty of articles to help you go green… and stay that way!

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Green Cars

Cars are considered green if they use less fuel energy to power the engine and their emissions from their tailpipe don’t cause greenhouse gases to form or cause illness. Some green car manufacturers are even taking the extra steps to produce green cars in facilities that use recycled materials and don’t use toxic substances in the production of the green car. The total package, fuel conservation, pollution free emissions, and non-toxic manufacturing facilities, reduces harm to the environment.

Consumer demand has prompted designers and engineers to more green cars. The technological advances made to make traditional gas guzzlers more energy efficient have paved the way for green cars. Fuel efficiency in cars and trucks has increased 50% in the last thirty years.

You probably can remember back when cars were getting 13 miles per gallon. Now, you would walk right passed a car salesman if he said something like that to you. Today green cars are getting 4 or more times as much per gallon. Green cars are even being designed with recycled plastics.

Even the body design of a car can make it more of a green car. The experts in aerodynamics design the cars to be streamlined. It saves gas which reduces the pollution coming from the cars – Something to do with less wind resistance. That one you will have to look up on your own. Before investing in green car technology, the manufacturers slipped backwards towards their old ways.


They put tons of research dollars into improving performance instead of keeping the research going towards energy efficiency. They wanted to make cars faster and add more amenities. That allowed you to drive to the grocery store at top speeds, barely missing pedestrians at corners, all while reclining in animal skin chairs. Now, green cars are here to stay. As technology develops, so will the performance in these cars.

Gas only cars may produce fewer pollutants than they did 30 years ago, but more people are driving than before so the pollution numbers don’t drop. The same amount of people can drive and the numbers can still increase, but if they were all green cars, the greenhouse gas emission would still be cut as much as 25 to 50%.

Green cars are possible by advances in transmissions over the years. Gone are the days when automatics had only three speeds. Today’s more advanced transmissions have 5 to 7 speeds. The difference between lower gears to the highest gear has been credited with increasing the fuel efficiency in cars up to 8% percent.

Also, now we have scientific tests being done on solar power cars and cars that can run off of vegetable oil. The inclusion of electricity systems and dual fuel hybrids are opening the doors to truly green cars or the future.

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